Sixty-nine Years (via these days of mine)


I just write my dream bout my grand ma and my grand pa, and WordPress bring me read this. Is it like a connection? I hope I can see ma grand ma and grand pa cellebrate their anniversary like this. but I cant. maybe, they have they have own party in there. Could be. 🙂

Sixty-nine Years   Today is Motor Man’s parents’ anniversary.  They’ve been married 69 years. Sixty-nine years.  That’s a milestone not many couples reach. On their wedding day in 1942: Theirs is an interesting story: they married when she was 15, he was 20.  He shipped overseas (World War II) when Motor Man was just a few days old and returned 16 months later.  They’ve raised four children and have always been very active in their community.  Years ago, they tra … Read More

via these days of mine


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