For You…


For you who caring me when I’m down

For you who let me be what I am

For you who makes my problem like a funny joke

Make me laugh

Make me smile

Make me free

When they told me you are not  the one that I looking for. You prove with calmness. In simple way. In simple text. If you are the better, one and only.

And I trust you with every breath, and I loving you with all my deep.

Is this will be a happy ending?

We never know. We never talk it. We never guess it.

You and I just know. We stand still because we trust. We trust us is true. There is no imagination.

But I still guessing you? Are you still uncomfort to talk with me? To share what you want. To tell your problem. To tell what you think. To tackle me in every choice I took.

Is it the way you loving me? Or is it because I not proper to know you deep?

Let me pray, ask God to keep give us this miracle. Give us His bless. Make everything easy. Make everything lovely.


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